Findings Show – Malaysians Are Wary Of A Possible Property Bubble, But Remain Upbeat

A total of 3,459 people responded to the online survey on from 5th December 2011 to 19th January 2012.

The results showed that 62.3% of survey respondents were keen on purchasing property in the next 6 to 12 months, with 71.3% stating that they had a budget under RM 500,000. Interestingly as well, 28% of respondents wished to purchase property as investment for resale, more than in other survey respondents in the other regions.

The low barriers to property ownership and the healthy property price growth in the country, makes Malaysia an attractive country for not just locals but also foreigners to invest in. This can be attributed to several factors such as low mortgage rates, financing of up to 100%, stamp duty exemptions, long repayment periods, up to 30 years, or until age 75, which makes homeownership for Malaysians easy.

The most important issue for concern in the Malaysian property market was that of rising house prices. However, a significant number of people surveyed also expressed high concern about home financing policies and interest rates, as well as errant developers and building quality.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded at:

CIMB Research — Developers’ Share Sell-down Overdone

CIMB Research is of the view that the recent sell-down of major developers’ shares was a knee-jerk reaction that was overdone. The sell-down was sparked by news that there was a possibility that housing loan calculations would be based on net pay instead of gross pay. Details are scant on the possibility of the new ruling and CIMB felt that it was “excessive as the jitters even spilled over to construction companies with property development exposure.”

Download CIMB Research Report — Property Sector, July 2011 (PDF format, 206kb) PDF format

DTZ Foresight Asia Pacific Fair Value Report (Q1 2011)

Read about the economic overview, offices, retail, residential, investment and some key statistics on DTZ Property Times Kuala Lumpur, Q1 2011.

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