What Malaysians Wanted vs What Budget 2015 Delivered

Prior to the announcement of the Budget 2015, iProperty.com Malaysia conducted a month long survey and asked Malaysians what they would like the budget to deliver.

Gathering over 5,000 respondents, the survey findings revealed that Malaysians wanted:

1. Better Control on House Prices
2. Better Public Transportation
3. More Low Cost & Affordable Housing in Strategic Locations
4. Reduction in Income Taxes
5. Reduction in Interest Rates on Housing Loans

Below is a quick overview on what Budget 2015 delivered in relation to what was requested for by Malaysians.

 Public Transportation - Bduget 2015Income Tax Budget 2015Better housing

Budget 2015 and the Property Market

The 2015 Budget is formulated with focus on the people’s economy and outlines seven main strategies:

Strengthening Economic Growth
Enhancing Fiscal Governance
Developing Human Capital and Entrepreneurship
Advancing Bumiputera Agenda
Upholding Role of Women
Developing National Youth Transformation programme and
Prioritizing Well-Being of the Rakyat

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